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Being confined is hard for climbers in love with nature and outdoor-life ! But since it is necessary, we must try to change our mind. Here we’re adding a few more nice climbing videos. Some are really nice! But now, we also offer you, untill the end of May 2020: The ClimbingAway photo contest !!! ;))

Everyone can participate. Magnificent pictures have been sent last years and the first 20 win many varied lots... In addition, the winner may have the honor, if he agree, to see his picture at the opening of the next version of the Android app! smile


You can send up to 5 climbing pictures with the name of the rock climbing area concerned at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add your name, mailing address and the operating system of your smartphone (iOS/Apple or Android).

Good luck to everyone and hold on!

Picture which won 2019 contest: boulderer in Lumio at the sunset wink

Last changes

November 30th 2020:
icone_photo  Saffres  Flag
icone_photo  Roc du Gorb  Flag
icone_photo  Châteauneuf  Flag
icone_photo  Rocher Blanc (Haute-Savoie)  Flag
icone_photo  Rocca Pendice  Flag
icone_photo  Monte Castello  Flag
icone_photo  Le Lac Bleu  Flag
icone_photo  Cividate Uno  Flag
icone_photo  La Pierre du Diable (La Pierre à Passet)  Flag
icone_photo  Boyat  Flag
icone_photo  Haldenstein  Flag
icone_photo  Holzberg  Flag
icone_photo  Vallesella  Flag
icone_photo  Monte Strabut  Flag
November 29th 2020:
icone_photo  Châteauvert  Flag

Some areas to try this month

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