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The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. There are lot of long routes at all levels of difficulty, but also there are countless crags, and sport climbers will find in these mountains a fantastic place to play. On this page, I want to tell you about the crags of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The multitude of sport climbing crags around Cortina give climbing lovers about 2000 pitches that can be climbed, a really significant number and one which is growing as a result of constant efforts and undoubted passion which has always been an aspect of those attempting to provide climbers with a new and ever changing playground.

But it is definitely not only the amount of pitches which pulls climbers from all over the world: sport climbing in Cortina means finding yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the world, placed in a natural environment perfect for treating visitors to indescribable views and unforgettable thrills.

Ernest Hemingway, who had seen a large number of places, wrote thus in a letter to E.Walsh: “Cortina d’Ampezzo is the swellest country on earth. The people are good and square too. We spent the end of a winter there once, at the Hotel Bellevue. Luigi Menardi proprietor. It is the loveliest country I’ve ever known”. (See here)

Yes, a lovely place where forests and meadows have been collectively owned by the original community for years and years and the area has been carefully protected against building and abuses.

But let’s get back to sport climbing, the principal theme of this post.

The rock faces offer pitches of assorted difficulty and complexity levels and everybody are able to find a climb suitable for their abilities, from beginners to the climbing greats.
The highest grade is 9a and there are a good amount of 8c+ and 8c and many 8a-8b. For newbies, there are several well-equipped faces with a lot of grades suitable to beginners.

There is really something for everybody! From the smooth slabs at Son Pouses to the overhangs of Becco d'Ajal, from the short and intense pitches at Sasso dei Finanzieri to the long and sustained pitches at Rio Gere and Setsas.
The rock faces around Cortina feature a variety of different rock types and features: crimps, pockets, slopers; yellow, red, grey and black rock.
There are no tufas however, these are not really found in the Dolomites.

All the crags are well equipped with bolts and chains at the rest places. You will find only a few pitches with obsolete equipment and these will, in any case, soon be put right. I advise 80 meters, or at a minimum 70 meters ropes.
On some crags, for example Cinque Torri, where you can find both sport climbing routes and traditional multi-pitch routes, helmets are advisable.
Otherwise, you need normal sport climbing equipment.


During the summer period, from the middle of June to the beginning of August, the climate is pleasantly warm during the day and fresh during the night.

From July to end-August, there are sometimes thunderstorms in the afternoon. A warm sunny day can transform in a kind of hell in less than an hour. Considering the wind-chill factor, temperature can fall up to 15 degrees. I suggest that you always wear suitable clothing, however.

In terms of climbing guides are concerned, last year a guidebook was published. In order to climb in this area I recommend that you buy this guidebook to Cortina’s crags: “Falesie a Cortina d’Ampezzo”.
The guidebook is in three languages: Italian – English – German.
You can see details and buy it on the guidebook page.

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    Already 10 years that a small group of passionate climbers-travelers develops this website and enriches it for the whole community.

10 years that the number of our users and contributors, on the website as on the free apps (for smartphones / tablets with iOS / Android), keeps growing up, mainly through word of mouth.

10 years and 6565 rock climbing areas detailed and perfectly geolocated around our small planet. Areas for every levels, every types of climbing, every trips, every tastes ... :)

10 years of ethics also on many important points for us. We still have not given in to the advertisment calls. Disable your


     So to find a little bit anyway, we have been selling digital topos for some time. Historically, these are the first ethical and dynamic digital topos in the world. They are bought and can be consulted only on our applications. These are also the only French digital topos!

     To our 60 digital guide books available (some are free, the others paying ...), it is now our Corsican friends who dare this way of diffusion complementary to their pretty well known paper guidebook. All of the North Island is now available on your iOS apps. The equivalent on Android apps will not be long.

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On the rocks of the Bedouins have been opened multi pitches routes on orange sandstone, mainly trad climbing. Among the rare bolted routes "La Guerre Sainte" 7b 500m, bolted by Arnaud Petit & co. Gear needed, beautiful surroundings and very welcoming people in the heart of the Jordanian desert.

French Government Travel Advisory for Jordan HERE.

     I met Nils Favre at Rocklands at a party at the Pakhuys campsite where climbers around the world meet to discuss their passion for hours over a few beers ... "The Place To Be" in summer, kind of place where lambdas climbers met elite. Privilege of our sport among others. Nils knew ClimbingAway and retorted: "I was sure that there were French behind this website!" :). Concerned about the ethics like us, he deplored the large traces of magnesia left to indicate holds: "Brush your tick marks!" he said :) In addition to boulder, he told me also love the crag and he regretted enough time to invest in it. At the time, Nils managed the feat of climbing to the highest level while exercising his carpenter clinging to his list of conquests some of the most difficult problems of the world to 8c. Nils is also the author of a video: "Blocz". With his girlfriend Vivi Monteiro, climber and author of most of its beautiful photos, they travel the globe in search of amazing boulder problems. Everywhere in Switzerland where they originate but also in France, Spain, South Africa, Namibia ...


     Have a look to this talented climber through his photos he has generously allowed to present on ClimbingAway. Thank you !

La ligne noire 8a - Bionnassay

Gilles Brunot bolted it, Cédric Lachat sent it :)

Takamine is free and graded to a "little" 9a by the same man. As soon as announced, the digital guidebook has been updated !

The opportunity to focus on the crag, and it's Gilles Brunot himself, hyperactive bolter around Chamonix, who write it.

Bionnassay crag is perched at 1500 m altitude in the municipality of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, away from the noise of the valley. This is one of the closest hard crag of Chamonix. You climb it with a view on the glaciers of the domes of Miage. The lower area is the most accessible, the beginner level to 5c +, you don't climb when it's cold because the forest hides the sun at the foot of the routes, some of which are 40m. In the higher area, most beautiful, you heats up especially from 6c and then attempt beautiful routes in level 7, 8 and 9a to the moment, but other projects are waiting to be deflowered .

The top sector, with its sunshine, is climbable on sunny winter days even if it sometimes takes the approach march with snow up to their knees! In summer, you have to come early, the sun coming around 13h. Climbing style side, a lot of crimps, small or large, slopers or some short cracks. In short, one of the most beautiful spots near Chamonix, where you can climb in all seasons.

Our digital guidebook is up to date on Android and iOS :)

          New Caledonia is paradise!

     Idyllic sandy beaches, coconut palms, incredible lagoon populated by a myriad of fish of all sizes and all colors, the Kanak people and their tribal life and ancestral customs, the west coast with its open spaces, its herds and bushmen (sort of local cowboys that hunt deer as we do our shopping).

And for some time, New Caledonia is also a vertical adventure country!

     Indeed in Noumea, the capital, Magenta climbing gym has become a mecca for sports. Since the organization of the world youth championships this place is always full. From morning until evening primary schools to senior everyone comes tighten holds and fill their arms.

    Parallel to the development of Nouméa, the town of Koumac in the north has also caught the fever of verticality. Spurred on Vertikaledonie club and territorial technical employee, routes were opened, initiations were implemented, passions were born and a sports movement is created.


     Today there are 150 routes from 4 to 8a on Les Roches de Notre Dame, fifteen on the Koumac cave and 70 problems on the boulder area of Haute Néhoué. In the middle of a forest without age where grows sprawling banyan trees, Caledonian limestone offers a number of high class routes. Single pitch up to 35 meters in vertical or setep walls, ending up to the canopy and promise memorable climbs. A little hot during the austral summer (mid-November to mid-April) although some areas are shaded and super nice winter (June to August with 20 to 23 °C), weather permitting go climbing all year in shorts/sandals. The two flagship areas of sport climbing are printed on a paper guidebook and ClimbingAway ethical and digital guidebooks :)

     Finally, each year a territorial scale rally is organized on the crag of the north and offers the community rises the country the opportunity to share and enjoy together a unifying weekend that highlights the uniqueness of the Caledonian climbing .

     Woah! Another step in the constant increase in the number of rock climbing areas listed on ClimbingAway.com and its free apps for smartphones and tablets :) Of course nobody will have enough of a single life to climb on all these rock climbing areas and that's too bad! And even focusing on the routes of his own level: / That's why we strive to provide you with convenient maps with practical choices relevant sorts and very popular functions "20 rock climbing areas around a location" and "Rock climbing areas along a road trip itinerary".

     The strong point of theses 6000 presented rock climbing areas is the accuracy of the information with 99% of perfect locations. At ClimbingAway we did in the craft! All these rock climbing areas have been added/validated patiently one by one "hand work" to ensure the quality of information. And it takes time! As being a community sharing quality information website requires us to examine scrupulously rock climbing areas proposed by users from the website or from the Apple application. Thus, they are validated only if the information is correct, starting with their locations as our smartphone apps use them to lead you on any of these 6000 rock climbing areas :) Unlike those focus on numbers, we prefer the quality. No rock climbing areas fake, banned, poorly located and partially filled in with us! We believe that the climbing days are too precious to be lost with incomplete information: p

     Specifically, the number of rock climbing areas presented on ClimbingAway increases first with the ares known team members, but the most part of theses rock climbing areas additions are those proposed by contributors and checked by us. We also enrich ClimbingAway with all areas which hosts the sends of the best climbers in the news of our sport and who push up the grading limits.

     True with practical reality, we mainly present sports crags and bouldering areas, but we also present more and more areas of multi-pitches routes and deep water soloing areas. Owners of smartphones and tablets must not forget that to get all the latest areas added, it must launch the "timing" of their app.

     These 6000 rock climbing areas allow you to find some rock (almost) anywhere in 108 countries all around our small planet. Because we are FrenchFrance is best covered with 1815 rock climbing areas today. Then we have 784 areas in Spain, 696 in Italy, 680 in the USA, 309 in Switzerland, 222 in Germany, 118 in the UK, 102 in Austria, 93 in Greece ... In fact, these statistics reflect the nationality contributors who added sites and pictures for many years. So on behalf of all those who use their information ClimbingAway.com and applications:

Merci Beaucoup !!! ,    Muchas Gracias !!! ,     Grazie Mille !!! ,    Thanks a lot !!! ,

Vielen Dank !!! ,     σας ευχαριστώ πολύ !!...

Et bonne grimpe à tous !

               Best wishes for this year that begins very well with great pictures of Nina Caprez.

     Versatile climber, particularly gifted and bubbly, Nina Caprez attacks without restraint boulders, extreme single pitche and multi pitches routes because she likes it all. Good living, she promotes joy and good humor communicatively. An example for all at the moment of taking good resolutions for the coming year. Check out some of her sends on pictures of her ClimbingAway page.

     Thank you very much Nina and a good and happy 2016 to all again, we wish you tons of great climbing moments !

     Climbing Away whole team wishes to its happy users: merry year's end celebrations, magical Christmas, best wishes and a wonderful climbing year for 2016 !

         Last delivery presents 2 free guidebooks and 3 with mini prices!


     Savoie keep on producing guidebooks:

> Semnoz little area ideal for family and really easy routes.

le Col de la Doriaz (Dorai pass) rather for climber of the 6th degre.

> le Col des Prés  for multi pitches routes initiation.

     More to the South, in Vaucluse, let's have a look to Méthamis  and it's sunny routes on a brand new rock.

     And last, our first spanish guidebook: Abella de la Conca  where you can climb all  year round  thanks to its various exposures.

     You may have noticed, our little website ClimbingAway.com is like the good wine: it gets better an better every year! Autumn and vintage just ends (2015 is planned to be outstanding by expert oenologists). The ClimbingAway software developers team ends with some great improvment as well. THE reference website to find rock climbing areas around the world (and still without ads!).

      So this year the harvest offers:



A smarter, better and stronger search !




     New world / country / states maps faster, easier to use with dynamics and real time filters!





     A new version of our translator of rock climbing terms. Now 12 languages classified under 6 categories adapted to different kind of climbers (from novices, experts, boulderers, crag climbers ...).






    Optimization of area informations on our areas detailed page. Less ambiguities, splitted informations according to climbing type (boulder, single or multi pitches routes,...) and more detailed informations.






   An amazing new feature "Rock climbing areas along your itinerary" to identify areas with few clicks to go climbing near your journeys. You go see Grandma, attend a conference, at Uncle Raymond marriage, to the music rock festival of "Les vieilles charrues", to participate at "La Tomatina" in Andalusia or visit the Great Wall of China (witch is not advisable to climb...) you will find all the areas that match you along your way to combine history with pleasure;)





     All this on a new website version, faster and more reliable that you have inevitably noticed!





     About applications now. Apple ones stay the best rock climbing app, a new app has been released on the Windows Phone store, for Bill Gates friends. And a new version of Android app will be release soon.


   Community sharing website for the first hour, ClimbingAway now present 5900 rock climbing areas richly detailed, perfectly located, with approaches tracks and 1800 areas are illustrated with pictures ... This thanks to worldwide climbers who regularly add areas, pictures and information: so once again, a big THANKS ! to these thousands of contributors!    


   Finally, our news is also our ethical digital guidebooks for smartphones / tablets which remunerate local bolters for their investment in our cliffs. Already available Céüse, Chambotte, The Todra, Doizieux, The viaduc des Fauvettes, Cormot and many others are available directly from iPhone and iPad.


    2015 is a really good year ! You'll be armed to climb hard during winter with ClimbingAway website, apps and digital guidebooks making you find the climbing areas that matches you :)

Have great climbs!

ClimbingAway and FFME collaborate

     A collaboration with FFME (the French federation of mountain and climbing) just born !
It aims the production of digital guidebooks for smartphones and tablets of climbing areas that are traditionally presented in the paper guidebooks stamped FFME.

      This is a win-win-win-win between the four parts concerned!
      For ClimbingAway, it is the opportunity to expand its digital guidebooks offer since FFME and its territorial committees is the largest writer of guidebooks of the country. And this allows us to stick to our ethics respectful of local actors that energize our places of practice. Finally, all the areas are controled and bolted to FFME standards.


     For FFME :

> FFME get access to digital guidebooks era and accompanies the new technology explosion.

> she can produce best digital guidebooks for smartphones ever.

> and charmed by our ethics, it ensures the remuneration of local actors of his territorial committees.


For authors / bolters of Territorial Committees (who can contact us) a digital version of their guidebooks can:

> Offer their guidebooks on a new media without any investment.
> Collect a share at least equal to guidebooks papers.
> Adapt its offer of guidebooks to different consumption behavior.
> Distribute their work more easily with new technology that ignore the constraints of places and times for the purchase of a guidebook.
> Defend against those who plunder their work by selling guidebooks without their agreement. (applications and topos are bilingual French / English).

And then we are open to any comments, ideas (sale price, Free guidebooks, updates, etc.).

     And for you, ClimbingAway.com and applications users, answers your recurrent demands for guidebooks with more and more rock climbing areas available and always the same benefits:
> Reduced prices and the possibility of buying the guidebooks to the unit.
> Free updates.
> The opportunity to purchase 24/24 and 7/7 (no shop to look ...).
> Once purchased, our guidebooks can be used anywhere with no connection.    


     In next months, you'll see new guidebooks stamped "FFME" on your iPhones/iPad. And coming soon on your Nexus, HTC, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, etc... In short, all devices with the green robot ;)

More informations about this collaboration on Kairn.

     ClimbingAway team were climbing at the Red River Gorge some weeks ago and we had the chance and honor to meet the spearhead of German climbers of the moment: Alex Megos (like Hans Hojer).

Polyvalent climber, Alex is the worthy successor of Güllich, Huber, Bock ...


     At just 19, he entered the big book of climbing history sending the first 9a on sight. This performance was really amazing because he made it just right before Adam Ondra, very close to do it at the same time (tenth of 8c/+ on sight and a 9a flash send some months earlier). Adam's fans can be reassured: He made since the 2nd, 3rd and 4th 9a's on sight and red point many 9b/+ ...


      We met him the day after his sensational arrival in Kentucky, at the inevitable Miguel's Pizza. Indeed his trip began with the realization of two 5.14d (9a) the same day: "Southern Smoke Direct" and the first ascent of an old project "Godless Heaven" at the Bob Marley area! Very friendly and quite available despite his lunar level, the young prodigy German kindly allowed us to add some of his finest rock climbing pictures on his ClimbingAway climber note. We invite you to discover it. They are amazing :)


Danke Alex !



Jedi Mind Trick 5.13b 

RRG - The Dark Side 

Hörst photo 

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