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     ClimbingAway team were climbing at the Red River Gorge some weeks ago and we had the chance and honor to meet the spearhead of German climbers of the moment: Alex Megos (like Hans Hojer).

Polyvalent climber, Alex is the worthy successor of Güllich, Huber, Bock ...


     At just 19, he entered the big book of climbing history sending the first 9a on sight. This performance was really amazing because he made it just right before Adam Ondra, very close to do it at the same time (tenth of 8c/+ on sight and a 9a flash send some months earlier). Adam's fans can be reassured: He made since the 2nd, 3rd and 4th 9a's on sight and red point many 9b/+ ...


      We met him the day after his sensational arrival in Kentucky, at the inevitable Miguel's Pizza. Indeed his trip began with the realization of two 5.14d (9a) the same day: "Southern Smoke Direct" and the first ascent of an old project "Godless Heaven" at the Bob Marley area! Very friendly and quite available despite his lunar level, the young prodigy German kindly allowed us to add some of his finest rock climbing pictures on his ClimbingAway climber note. We invite you to discover it. They are amazing :)


Danke Alex !



Jedi Mind Trick 5.13b 

RRG - The Dark Side 

Hörst photo