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June 16th 2021:
icone_photo  Clisson  Flag
icone_photo  Orlu (blocs)  Flag
icone_photo  Charraix  Flag
icone_photo  Falaise de Sosay  Flag
icone_photo  Fruitière Crabidère  Flag
June 11th 2021:
icone_site  Frankenjura (Endorama)  Flag
icone_site  Fontainebleau (Apremont Désert)  Flag
June 9th 2021:
icone_perf  Dinara Fakhritdinova sends Max Factor, 9a at Bakhchisarai
icone_perf  Daniel Woods sends The Grand Illusion, 8c+ at Little Cottonwood Canyon
icone_photo  Arco (Corno di Bó)  Flag
May 30th 2021:
icone_site  Camp Dick  Flag
May 28th 2021:
icone_perf  Jonathan Siegrist sends Peruvian Necktie, 9b at Pop Tire Cave
icone_perf  Giuliano Cameroni sends Off the Wagon sit (ground stand), 8c+ at Valle Bavona
icone_video  Pop Tire Cave  Flag

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