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Women of climbing calendar

Last changes

October 10th 2019:
icone_perf  Shawn Raboutou sends Livin' Large, 8c/8c+ at Rocklands (Champagne)
icone_perf  Dave Graham sends Hypnotized minds, 8c+ at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
October 8th 2019:
icone_perf  Loïc Zehani sends Obsession, 9b at Orgon
October 6th 2019:
icone_perf  Paige Claassen sends Shadowboxing, 9a at Rifle
icone_perf  Marine Thévenet sends Nuthin' But Sunshine, 8b at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
September 30th 2019:
icone_photo  Freyr  Flag
icone_photo  Marjan  Flag
icone_photo  Kasjuni  Flag
September 29th 2019:
icone_photo  Amoudi beach  Flag
icone_photo  Falaise de Leschaux (Orelle)  Flag
icone_photo  Sustipan  Flag
icone_photo  Kasjuni  Flag
icone_site  Cadalso de los Vidrios  Flag
September 24th 2019:
icone_site  Lower Pen Trwyn  Flag

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