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September 14th 2021:
icone_perf  Paige Claassen sends Dreamcatcher, 9a at Squamish
icone_perf  Irina Kuzmenko sends Den Truda, 8a+ at Lietlahti park
icone_perf  Michaela Kiersch sends Dreamcatcher, 9a at Squamish
August 27th 2021:
icone_perf  Solveig Korherr sends La Cabane au Canada, 9a at Rawyl
August 26th 2021:
icone_perf  Stefano Ghisolfi sends Bibliographie, 9c at Céüse
icone_perf  Andy Lamb sends Creature from the Black Lagoon, 8c+ at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
August 19th 2021:
icone_perf  Laura Rogora sends Coma, 9a at Grotti
icone_site  Rocher de Planès  Flag
August 9th 2021:
icone_photo  Virignin  Flag
icone_site  La Martinswand (France)  Flag
icone_photo  Ferentillo  Flag
icone_photo  Falesia di Monte Guadagnolo  Flag
icone_photo  Ferentillo (Il Balcone)  Flag
icone_photo  Les Rochettes  Flag
icone_photo  Kapplerstein  Flag

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