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Last changes

May 23rd 2019:
icone_site  Zoia  Flag
May 22nd 2019:
icone_photo  Les Auvernes  Flag
icone_photo  Placa verde  Flag
May 10th 2019:
icone_site  Il Forte  Flag
May 9th 2019:
icone_site  La Visière  Flag
May 8th 2019:
icone_perf  Caroline Sinno sends La Valse aux Adieux, 8b at Fontainebleau (Rocher Canon)
icone_perf  Camille Coudert sends La Force, 8c/8c+ at Orsay
May 7th 2019:
icone_perf  Jonathan Siegrist sends La planta de Shiva, 9b at Villanueva del Rosario
May 5th 2019:
icone_perf  Mishka Ishi sends Byaku-dou, 8c at Mount Hourai
icone_photo  Zogno  Flag
May 3rd 2019:
icone_photo  Saint Paul de Varces  Flag
April 30th 2019:
icone_site  Milho Verde (Peter Pan)  Flag
April 23rd 2019:
icone_perf  Alex Puccio sends Héritage, 8b+ at Valle Bavona
April 22nd 2019:
icone_perf  Felipe Camargo sends El Bon Combat, 9b at La Cova de l'Ocell
icone_site  Milho Verde (Planetario)  Flag

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