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Last changes

November 22nd 2022:
icone_perf  Adam Ondra sends Zvěřinec, 9b+ at Moravský kras (Holštejn)
November 21st 2022:
icone_perf  Shawn Raboutou sends Megatron, 9a at Eldorado Canyon
November 4th 2022:
icone_site  Falaises du Houet  Flag
icone_site  Blocs du Houet  Flag
icone_site  Las Peñas  Flag
November 3rd 2022:
icone_site  Sifnos (Metalleia)  Flag
November 2nd 2022:
icone_photo  Le Manis  Flag
October 27th 2022:
icone_photo  Roccamorice  Flag
October 12th 2022:
icone_site  Falaise de Rimons  Flag
September 18th 2022:
icone_perf  Stefano Ghisolfi sends Move Hard, 9b at Flatanger
icone_perf  Daniel Woods sends Insomniac, 8c+ at Mount Evans
icone_perf  Alex Puccio sends We Can Build You, 8b+ at Mount Evans
icone_perf  Shawn Raboutou sends Insomniac, 8c+ at Mount Evans
August 23rd 2022:
icone_perf  Shawn Raboutou sends Alphane, 9a at Chironico
icone_perf  Angelina Scarth-Johnson sends Pornographie, 9a at Céüse

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