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Last changes

May 25th 2020:
icone_video  Mount Hourai  Flag
icone_perf  Brooke Raboutou sends Muscle Car, 8b+ at Coal Creek boulders
May 23rd 2020:
icone_perf  Melissa Le Nevé sends Action directe, 9a at Frankenjura (Waldkopf)
icone_photo  La Pierre du Quart (Pierre du Carré)  Flag
icone_site  Hohenzollernbrücke  Flag
May 18th 2020:
icone_perf  Alex Puccio sends Super low Chimichanga right, 8b+ at Coal Creek boulders
May 15th 2020:
icone_video  Les Gorges du Verdon (L'Escalès)  Flag
May 13th 2020:
icone_photo  Les Rochers de Corphalie  Flag
icone_photo  Porche de Roiseux  Flag
icone_photo  Porcieu  Flag
May 11th 2020:
icone_perf  Barbara Zangerl sends Instruktor, 8c+/9a
icone_photo  Soudet  Flag
May 10th 2020:
icone_site  Perazića Do  Flag
May 9th 2020:
icone_video  Saint-Loup  Flag
icone_perf  Alessandro Zeni sends Cryptography, 9b at Saint-Loup

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