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July 25th 2021:
icone_site  Riveufer  Flag
icone_site  Golzermühle  Flag
July 23rd 2021:
icone_photo  La Pierra Menta  Flag
icone_photo  Långholmsbron  Flag
icone_perf  Loïc Zehani sends Little Fish, 9a+ at Orgon (La Bergerie)
icone_perf  Anak Verhoeven sends La Prophétie des Grenouilles, 9a at Rocher des Brumes
icone_photo  Bled Castle  Flag
icone_site  Passo della Presolana  Flag
July 20th 2021:
icone_site  Arico Ortiz  Flag
July 19th 2021:
icone_photo  Le Grand Poirier  Flag
July 18th 2021:
icone_photo  Mervent  Flag
icone_perf  Vadim Timonov sends Spray of Light, 8c at Rocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)
icone_photo  Le Goua  Flag
July 17th 2021:
icone_photo  Beacon Heights boulders  Flag
July 14th 2021:
icone_site  Les Gorges du Banquet  Flag

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