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Women of climbing calendar

Last changes

November 25th 2019:
icone_site  Yangshuo (Leipi Shan)  Flag
November 24th 2019:
icone_perf  Isabelle Faus sends Chimichunga, 8b at Horsetooth Reservoir (The Scoop)
icone_site  Horsetooth Reservoir (The Scoop)  Flag
November 18th 2019:
icone_perf  Thomas Lindinger sends Bokassa'sFrigde+AssassinMonkey and Man, 8c/8c+ at Kochel
icone_photo  Kentheim  Flag
icone_photo  Los Morros del Torrellero  Flag
November 12th 2019:
icone_perf  Ryuichi Murai sends United, 8c+ at Mount Mizugaki
icone_perf  Jakob Schubert sends Perfecto Mundo, 9b+ at Margalef (Racó de la Finestra)
November 10th 2019:
icone_video  Leavenworth  Flag
November 8th 2019:
icone_perf  Anak Verhoeven sends Joe Mama, 9a+ at Oliana
November 4th 2019:
icone_photo  Les Gorges du Verdon (L'Escalès)  Flag
November 2nd 2019:
icone_perf  Sébastien Bouin sends Patanics, 9a+/9b at Rodellar
icone_site  Kyparissi (Kastraki)  Flag
October 19th 2019:
icone_perf  Katherine Choong sends Jungfraumarathon, 9a at Gimmelwald
icone_perf  Matilda Söderlund sends The Elder Statesman, 9a/9a+ at Frankenjura (Luisenwand)

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