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Women of Climbing 2020 rock climbing calendar pre-orders on ClimbingAwayWe love amazing rock climbing photos at ClimbingAway. This is the reason why for 2 years, we have been selling THE reference climbing calendar in our humble opinion.

The Americans of Sharp End Publishing have been publishing the famous Women Of Climbing calendar every year for more than 20 years!

Last year, we quickly experienced a stock shortage. This year, we have therefore decided to propose it as pre-orders!

You will be able to benefit from this "collector" calendar at a very competitive price since by pre-ordering it now, you save 2 euros!

And of course, you are guaranteed to have it under your Christmas tree:)

So climbers, climbers, friends of climbers, friends of climbers, clubs, climbing gyms, it's time, preorder it directly here!

Last changes

August 9th 2020:
icone_site  Plage de Lourtuais  Flag
August 7th 2020:
icone_photo  Palombaggia  Flag
icone_photo  Les Gorges du Verdon (La Vire des Juniors)  Flag
icone_photo  Rozeille  Flag
icone_photo  Pointe Icare  Flag
icone_site  Tagliacozzo  Flag
August 6th 2020:
icone_photo  U Rupione  Flag
August 5th 2020:
icone_photo  Le Capucin (Mont-Dore)  Flag
icone_photo  Limski Kanal  Flag
icone_photo  Vela Draga  Flag
icone_photo  Arguibelle  Flag
icone_photo  Mali Varganac  Flag
icone_site  Bovilla  Flag
August 4th 2020:
icone_photo  Geyikbayiri  Flag
icone_photo  Fontainebleau (L'éléphant)  Flag

Some areas to try this month

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