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William Bosi

William Bosi, 23 years old

 Man   United Kingdom
 Born on december 27th 1998

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
sept 27th 20188cPractice of the WildMagic WoodSwitzerland
oct 20th 20218cFoundation's EdgeFionnaySwitzerland
march 27th 20228cDriftMoravský kras (Holštejn)Czech Republic
april 4th 20228cPata ledovceMoravský kras (Holštejn)Czech Republic
april 7th 20228cBulbasaurSklapskoCzech Republic
april 9th 20228cGhost RiderMoravský kras (Sloup)Czech Republic
april 11th 20228cTekuté ŠtěstíMoravský kras (Sloup)Czech Republic
april 12th 20228cIcebergMoravský kras (Holštejn)Czech Republic
june 7th 20228cSilent SingerThe BowderstoneUnited Kingdom
june 10th 20228cTranceBadger coveUnited Kingdom
june 13th 20228cOutliersTrowbarrowUnited Kingdom
july 15th 20228cBeautiful MindBadger coveUnited Kingdom
aug 12th 20228c+Honey BadgerBadger coveUnited Kingdom
> Top red point routes history
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
march 9th 20219b/9b+King CapellaSiuranaSpain
> Extrem routes sends (french 9a/+ & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
nov 2nd 20219a/9a+MutationRaven TorUnited Kingdom
feb 5th 20209a+La CapellaSiuranaSpain
feb 4th 20219a+Furia de JalabiSiuranaSpain
feb 24th 20219a+First LeyMargalef (El Laboratori)Spain
nov 8th 20219a+Brandenburg GateRaven TorUnited Kingdom
july 4th 20229a+Free at LastDumbartonUnited Kingdom
march 9th 20219b/9b+King CapellaSiuranaSpain

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