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First released for iOS on December 2010, ClimbingAway’s ongoing development gives you the possibility to access the data on our website from an App specifically developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

2000, 3000, 4000 and now more than 5000 rock climbing areas and boulder areas as well are now available and accessible from your smartphone or tablet, right under your fingers without the need of an internet connection! Coquin


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It became the number one climbing App on the AppStore happily guiding more than 50,000 users to the climbing areas in the whole world! 

A map with all the climbing sites, textual search function with intelligent search patterns, photos, detailed informations, links with the GPS of your iPhone, a climbing grades converter and a dictionary with climbing terms in 5 languages!

Since summer 2014, we also produce and distribute amazing digital guidebooks : made for digital, with dynamic grade filters, routes index, high res pictures and really easy to use.

In five years the App has been improved with a full range of features but we have plenty of other ideas and have not finished yet.. Cool

Démonstration de nos topos numériques



The key functions of ClimbingAway

Worldwide map of Rock Climbing Areas in iOS application 



A world map which allows you to find the climbing or boulder sites:

  • nearby your actual position,
  • nearby the addresses of the contacts you have stored in your Address Book
  • nearby any address you will search for,
  • or simply navigating and zooming the map

Thanks to a “clustering” technique, the navigation is fast and fluid regardless of the huge database with more than 4000 entries Cool






 Maximum informations about rock climbing places


 The detailed view of each climbing site is filled with precious informations:

  • technical information telling the number of routes, their difficulty level, the rock type, the orientation (really important during the hot season), the reccomended routes, the historic and mythical routes and much more..
  • Pictures (tap a photo and start a slideshow),
  • informations about the approach and when available, you can watch live on your smartphone how you get close to your destination !
  • included topo-guides and free online topo-guides a well,
  • the possibility to calculate a route using your preferred GPS Navigation App (Navigon, TomTom, MappyGPS, Apple or Google Maps).

 And an "Action" button which allows you to:

  • share the site using e-mail to send your friend an invitation to climb,
  • contact us for pointing out any information you may think is important,
  • add photos to your profile,
  • add the site to your favorites for fast access.






Download ClimbingAway on the AppStore or with QRCode




And essential tools if you leave for climbing abroad:

  • a climbing grades converter, so you avoid getting into a 25 route if your average is 22 (6b+ french notation)
  • a dictionary with technical climbing terminology which will be of great help if you meet french, italian or spanish climbers at a crag!


Don't wait anymore and download the application from the AppStore or scan this QR Code directly.


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For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 6 min, iOS 7 advised

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