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Saturday, October 19th 2019
Matilda Söderlund sends The Elder Statesman, 9a/9a+ at Frankenjura (Luisenwand)
Katherine Choong sends Jungfraumarathon, 9a at Gimmelwald
Wednesday, October 16th 2019
New rock climbing area : Tàrbena
Thursday, October 10th 2019
Dave Graham sends Hypnotized minds, 8c+ at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Shawn Raboutou sends Livin' Large, 8c/8c+ at Rocklands (Champagne)
Tuesday, October 8th 2019
Loïc Zehani sends Obsession, 9b at Orgon
Sunday, October 6th 2019
Marine Thévenet sends Nuthin' But Sunshine, 8b at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Paige Claassen sends Shadowboxing, 9a at Rifle
Monday, September 30th 2019
New(s) picture(s) about Freyr
  • New(s) picture(s) about Marjan
  • New(s) picture(s) about Kasjuni
  • Sunday, September 29th 2019
    New(s) picture(s) about Falaise de Leschaux (Orelle)
  • New(s) picture(s) about Amoudi beach
  • New(s) picture(s) about Sustipan
  • New(s) picture(s) about Kasjuni
  • New rock climbing area : Cadalso de los Vidrios
    Ajout ou maj du topo Ten Sleep Canyon
    Tuesday, September 24th 2019
    New(s) video(s) about Mount Mizugaki

    Mount Mizugaki : Louis Parkinson dans Subway サブウェイ(6a+/6b), Ana Shachou 穴社長 (7a+),Ana Shain 穴社員 (6a+/6b), Left Speyer レフトスパイヤー (6c+/7a), Shizukana Umi 静かな海 (7c+), Frequent-flyers フリークエント・フライヤーズ - (7a+), Bock ボック (7a+), Indra インドラ (7a+), The two Monks (7a+), Shizukana Umi 静かな海 (7c+), Ashura 阿修羅 (7a+), Oyayubi Kun 親指君 (7a+)
    Superbe vidéo d'immersion dans le monde du bloc au Japon. De belles images avec des rencontres et la découvertes de ces sites lointains peu médiatisés.
    full screen

    Information updates about Lower Pen Trwyn

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