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Monday, October 18th 2021
Matty Hong sends Flex Luthor, 9a+/9b at The Fortress of Solitude
Jakob Schubert sends Alasha, 9a+ at Ses puntes
Domen Škofic sends Ali-Hulk sit + extension total, 9a+/9b at Rodellar
Monday, October 4th 2021
Molly Thompson Smith sends Steppenwolf, 8b at Magic Wood
Laura Rogora sends Erebor, 9b at Arco (Eremo di San Paolo)
Friday, October 1st 2021
Angelina Scarth-Johnson sends Victimes del Futur, 8c+/9a at Margalef (Racó de la Finestra)
Sean Bailey sends Bibliographie, 9b+ at Céüse
Tuesday, September 28th 2021
Laura Rogora sends Iron Man, 9a at Bus de Vela
Tuesday, September 14th 2021
Michaela Kiersch sends Dreamcatcher, 9a at Squamish
Irina Kuzmenko sends Den Truda, 8a+ at Lietlahti park
Paige Claassen sends Dreamcatcher, 9a at Squamish
Friday, August 27th 2021
Solveig Korherr sends La Cabane au Canada, 9a at Rawyl
Thursday, August 26th 2021
Andy Lamb sends Creature from the Black Lagoon, 8c+ at RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Stefano Ghisolfi sends Bibliographie, 9b+ at Céüse
Thursday, August 19th 2021
Information updates about Rocher de Planès
Laura Rogora sends Coma, 9a at Grotti
Monday, August 9th 2021
New(s) picture(s) about Ferentillo
  • New(s) picture(s) about Valdeprados
  • New(s) picture(s) about Fara San Martino
  • New(s) picture(s) about Virignin
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