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Ryuichi Murai

Ryuichi Murai, 25 years old

 Man   japon
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_06 24th 1994

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_10 20th 20158cOrochiKanotojapon
MOIS_03 17th 20168cBabelShiobarajapon
MOIS_03 28th 20168cVanitasMount Houraijapon
MOIS_04 13th 20168cHydrangeaShiobarajapon
MOIS_09 17th 20168cSpray of LightRocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_10 15th 20168cAsagimadaraMount Mizugakijapon
MOIS_03 29th 20178cEpitaphMount Houraijapon
MOIS_07 4th 20178cIn search of time lostMagic Woodsuisse
MOIS_07 9th 20178cPractice of the WildMagic Woodsuisse
MOIS_05 12th 20198cThe GameBoulder Canyon (Castle Rock)etats-unis
MOIS_11 7th 20198c+UnitedMount Mizugakijapon

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