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Rocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)

Interesting bouldering area for problems from 6a to 6c, from 7a to 7c and starting from 8a (Fontainebleau grades).
Best time(s) :
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • Sept.
  • Oct.
  • Nov.
  • Dec.
Aspect(s) : All     Altitude : 500 m
Approach between 10 and 20 min easy up hill.    Kids friendly ? area around the boulders reasonable for young kids.

Informations :

More than 300 problems, from 4c to 8b , spread over many areas   Bolting : sport climbing
Max Height : 7 m.
Rock : quartzite, sandstone.    Characteristic(s) : overhang Surplomb, steep wall Dévers, vertical Vertical.    Type(s) of holds : jugs, crimps, slopers.
Landing quality : uneven or steep ground (1 crash pad and 1 spotter needed).
Legendary problem(s) :
  • Ray of Light 8b sent by Alizée Dufraisse on 10 july 2019. Others outstandings sends : Karoline Sinnhuber (2019), Oriane Bertone (2020).
  • Ray of Light 8b sent by Nina Williams on 14 july 2015.
  • Spray of Light 8c first ascent by Daniel Woods on 13 july 2015. Firsts repeats : Dave Graham (2015), Shawn Raboutou (2016), Toshi Takeuchi (2016), Ryuichi Murai (2016), Martin Mobråten (2018), Thilo Schröter (2018), Kim Marschner (2018), James Squire (2019), James Webb (2019), Giuliano Cameroni (2019), Vadim Timonov (2021)
  • All climbers visiting Rocklands must be in possession of the permit to climb on any land and must carry this permit with them at all times:
    2. Bury your faeces and carry out your toilet paper. If the ground is too hard to bury your faeces, please carry it out with you and dispose of it in the campsite bins. Poop bags are available for free at De Pakhys. (Animals such as baboons may eat human faeces and could contract diseases such as Tuberculosis and hepatitis, which could prove detrimental to the population)
    3. Do not litter.
    4. Stick to the allocated paths marked by cairns and as illustrated in the guidebook. Many sensitive plants in the area.
    5. No graffiti on rock surfaces.
    6. No pof is allowed in Rocklands because of the resin damages.
    7. Never climb or touch rock art painted walls (Watch out! some are just 1 centimeter larg).

    Locations :

    Area : South Africa, Western Cape, West Coast, Cape Town, Clanwilliam.
    Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
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      Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   32° 6' 31" S Longitude :   19° 4' 4" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
      Parking lot GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   32° 6' 49" S Longitude :   19° 4' 0" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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