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Giuliano Cameroni

Giuliano Cameroni, 22 years old

 Man   suisse
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_05 11th 1997

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_12 31st 20168b+/cJour de chasseFontainebleau (Recloses)france
MOIS_02 9th 20148cThe story of 2 worldsCrescianosuisse
MOIS_01 6th 20158cDreamtimeCrescianosuisse
MOIS_02 7th 20178cDer mit dem Fels tanztChironicosuisse
MOIS_08 1st 20178cHazel GraceSan Gottardo Pass (Gotthard)suisse
MOIS_02 23rd 20188cThe Big IslandFontainebleau (Coquibus Rumont)france
MOIS_07 14th 20188cThe SmileRocklands (The Roadkill Café)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_08 18th 20188cBlack Eagle SDRocklands (The Pass)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_04 1st 20198cPrimitivoValle Bavonasuisse
MOIS_05 24th 2019V15 (8c)TopazRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)etats-unis
MOIS_08 25th 20198cSpray of LightRocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_08 27th 20198cMonkey weddingRocklands (The Pass)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_09 5th 20198cThe Finnish LineRocklands (The Coop)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_11 13th 20198cGran ParadisoValle dell'Orcoitalie
MOIS_02 12th 20198c+Poison the WellBrionesuisse
MOIS_03 9th 20198c+REMCrescianosuisse
> Extrem routes sends (french 9a/+ & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_06 15th 2019V15 (8c)Blade RunnerRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)etats-unis


Cresciano - suisse
Giuliano Cameroni in 8c
Un jeune Suisse de 16 ans qui n'en revient pas lui-même de sortir le solide "The story of 2 worlds" 8c !

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