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James Webb

James Webb, 31 years old

 Man   United States
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_11 7th 1987

Performances :

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DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_12 15th 2018V16 (8c+)SleepwalkerBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_12 7th 2013V14 (8b+/c)Meadowlark LemonRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
MOIS_12 19th 2016V14/15 (8b+/c)KintsugiRed Rocks (Mud Springs Canyon)United States
MOIS_06 30th 2012V15 (8c)Warrior UpWolverine LandUnited States
MOIS_04 7th 20138cLa RusticaValle BavonaSwitzerland
MOIS_09 5th 2013V15 (8c)The Wheel of WolvoMount EvansUnited States
MOIS_09 10th 2013V15 (8c)DeliriumMount EvansUnited States
MOIS_11 19th 2013V15 (8c)Southern Drawl [outside of Chattanooga]
MOIS_12 19th 2013V15 (8c)The NestRed Rocks (First Creek Canyon)United States
MOIS_04 10th 20148cThe UnderstandingMagic WoodSwitzerland
MOIS_04 15th 20148cPractice of the WildMagic WoodSwitzerland
MOIS_06 22nd 20148cKhoikhoiKhoekhoeSouth Africa
MOIS_11 2nd 2014V15 (8c)MultiverseNeverlandUnited States
MOIS_11 20th 2014V15 (8c)Defying GravityThunder RidgeUnited States
MOIS_07 6th 20158cLivin' LargeRocklands (Champagne)South Africa
MOIS_12 21st 2015V15 (8c)The MatriarchRocktownUnited States
MOIS_01 16th 20168cThe GameBoulder Canyon (Castle Rock)United States
MOIS_02 6th 20168cThe Big IslandFontainebleau (Coquibus Rumont)France
MOIS_10 11th 2017V15 (8c)The Outer LimitsDonner SummitUnited States
MOIS_02 13th 20188cDreamtimeCrescianoSwitzerland
MOIS_12 6th 2018V15 (8c)SquozeBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
MOIS_03 22nd 20198cFrom Dirt Grows The FlowersChironicoSwitzerland
MOIS_04 3rd 20198cDer mit dem Fels tanztChironicoSwitzerland
MOIS_05 16th 20198cPrimitivoValle BavonaSwitzerland
MOIS_06 20th 20198cBlack Eagle SDRocklands (The Pass)South Africa
MOIS_03 25th 20148c/8c+The story of 2 worlds (départ bas)CrescianoSwitzerland
MOIS_02 15th 20168c/8c+Le Pied à CoulisseFontainebleau (Rocher Gréau)France
MOIS_08 20th 2017V16 (8c+)Creature from the Black LagoonRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
MOIS_12 15th 2018V16 (8c+)SleepwalkerBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
MOIS_04 8th 20198c+EphyraChironicoSwitzerland


Thunder Ridge - United States
James Webb in Defying Gravity V15
Le bloqueur américain en forme du moment à l’œuvre pour la première répétition de ce bloc majeur 4 étoiles côté 8c et ouvert par Daniel Woods. Excellent !

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