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James Webb

James Webb, 31 years old

 Man   United States
 Born on november 7th 1987

Performances :

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DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
dec 15th 2018V16 (8c+)SleepwalkerBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
dec 7th 2013V14 (8b+/c)Meadowlark LemonRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
may 11th 20148b+/cJour de chasseFontainebleau (Recloses)France
dec 19th 2016V14/15 (8b+/c)KintsugiRed Rocks (Mud Springs Canyon)United States
june 30th 2012V15 (8c)Warrior UpWolverine LandUnited States
april 7th 20138cLa RusticaValle BavonaSwitzerland
sept 5th 2013V15 (8c)The Wheel of WolvoMount EvansUnited States
sept 10th 2013V15 (8c)DeliriumMount EvansUnited States
nov 19th 2013V15 (8c)Southern Drawl [outside of Chattanooga]
dec 19th 2013V15 (8c)The NestRed Rocks (First Creek Canyon)United States
april 10th 20148cThe UnderstandingMagic WoodSwitzerland
april 15th 20148cPractice of the WildMagic WoodSwitzerland
june 22nd 20148cKhoikhoiKhoekhoeSouth Africa
nov 2nd 2014V15 (8c)MultiverseNeverlandUnited States
nov 20th 2014V15 (8c)Defying GravityThunder RidgeUnited States
dec 21st 2015V15 (8c)The MatriarchRocktownUnited States
jan 16th 20168cThe GameBoulder Canyon (Castle Rock)United States
feb 6th 20168cThe Big IslandFontainebleau (Coquibus Rumont)France
oct 11th 2017V15 (8c)The Outer LimitsDonner SummitUnited States
feb 13th 20188cDreamtimeCrescianoSwitzerland
dec 6th 2018V15 (8c)SquozeBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
march 22nd 20198cFrom Dirt Grows The FlowersChironicoSwitzerland
april 3rd 20198cDer mit dem Fels tanztChironicoSwitzerland
may 16th 20198cPrimitivoValle BavonaSwitzerland
june 20th 20198cBlack Eagle SDRocklands (The Pass)South Africa
june 27th 20198cMonkey weddingRocklands (The Pass)South Africa
june 29th 20198cThe Finnish LineRocklands (The Coop)South Africa
july 16th 20198cParzivalRocklands (The Gallery)South Africa
aug 21st 20198cSpray of LightRocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)South Africa
march 25th 20148c/8c+The story of 2 worlds (départ bas)CrescianoSwitzerland
july 6th 20158c/8c+Livin' LargeRocklands (Champagne)South Africa
feb 15th 20168c/8c+Le Pied à CoulisseFontainebleau (Rocher Gréau)France
aug 20th 2017V16 (8c+)Creature from the Black LagoonRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
dec 15th 2018V16 (8c+)SleepwalkerBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
april 8th 20198c+EphyraChironicoSwitzerland


Thunder Ridge - United States
James Webb in Defying Gravity V15
Le bloqueur américain en forme du moment à l’œuvre pour la première répétition de ce bloc majeur 4 étoiles côté 8c et ouvert par Daniel Woods. Excellent !

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