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Toshi Takeuchi

Toshi Takeuchi, 33 years old

 Man   Japan
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_03 30th 1986

Performances :

> Hardest bouldering sends (font 8c & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_11 29th 2013V14 (8b+/c)Meadowlark LemonRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
MOIS_04 18th 20158cOrochiKanotoJapan
MOIS_08 15th 20158cPractice of the WildMagic WoodSwitzerland
MOIS_10 18th 20158cAsagimadaraMount MizugakiJapan
MOIS_08 1st 20168cSpray of LightRocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)South Africa
MOIS_11 28th 20168cBabylonToyota (Ootaki Gorge area Komiyama)Japan
MOIS_02 19th 2017V15 (8c)KuzanMieJapan
MOIS_08 13th 20188cMonkey weddingRocklands (The Pass)South Africa

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