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Michaela Kiersch

Michaela Kiersch, 29 years old

 Woman   United States
 Born on december 13th 1994

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
feb 27th 2018V11/V12 (8a/8a+)A Maze of DeathThe ButtermilksUnited States
dec 8th 2018V11/12 (8a/8a+)Rumble in the JungleHueco TanksUnited States
may 30th 20228a/8a+The Left Hand Of DarknessMagic WoodSwitzerland
dec 12th 2017V12 (8a+)Barefoot on Sacred GroundHueco TanksUnited States
dec 16th 2017V12 (8a+)Le Retour de GoupilHueco TanksUnited States
dec 8th 2018V12 (8a+)Tequila SunriseHueco TanksUnited States
dec 8th 2018V12 (8a+)Phantom LimbHueco TanksUnited States
feb 18th 2022V12 (8a+)Power SlaveRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
feb 19th 2022V12 (8a+)Hungry Hungry HipposRed Rocks (Windy Canyon)United States
june 10th 20228a+Body CountMagic WoodSwitzerland
july 25th 20228a+Electro BoogieMagic WoodSwitzerland
feb 15th 20238a+Forever More sitBrioneSwitzerland
nov 9th 2022V12/13 (8a+/8b)Cinderella is DeadOgdenUnited States
dec 20th 2017V13 (8b)Crow of AragornHueco TanksUnited States
june 19th 2020V13 (8b)Green in the FaceCastle Rock (CA)United States
march 9th 2022V13 (8b)Meadowlark Lemon standRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
may 18th 20228bSteppenwolfMagic WoodSwitzerland
may 22nd 20228bThe RiverbedMagic WoodSwitzerland
june 1st 20228bOne Summer in ParadiseMagic WoodSwitzerland
feb 28th 2022V14 (8b+)HailstormOgdenUnited States
may 27th 20228b+New Base LineMagic WoodSwitzerland
june 7th 20228b+Tigris sitMagic WoodSwitzerland
> Extrem routes sends (french 9a/+ & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
jan 29th 20239a+La RamblaSiuranaSpain
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
april 4th 20165.14c (8c+)Pure ImaginationRed River Gorge (Chocolate Factory)United States
oct 24th 20165.14c (8c+)LuciferRed River Gorge (Purgatory)United States
nov 14th 20165.14c (8c+)Golden TicketRed River Gorge (Chocolate Factory)United States
feb 26th 20175.14c (8c+)24 KaratsRed River Gorge (Gold Coast)United States
march 5th 20175.14c (8c+)Southern SmokeRed River Gorge (Bob Marley Crag)United States
march 6th 20175.14c (8c+)Fifty Words for PumpRed River Gorge (Bob Marley Crag)United States
feb 6th 20185.14c (8c+)Necessary EvilVirgin River GorgeUnited States
april 18th 20188c+Joe BlauOlianaSpain
april 18th 20225.14c (8c+)Apex PredatorPop Tire CaveUnited States
sept 12th 20215.14d (9a)DreamcatcherSquamishCanada
april 12th 20249a/9a+Victima PerfectaMargalef (Racó de la Finestra)Spain
jan 29th 20239a+La RamblaSiuranaSpain
> The two first decades of the french 8c female (1998-2018)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
april 4th 20165.14b (8c)ThanatopsisRed River Gorge (The Motherlode)United States
nov 29th 20175.14b (8c)GoldilocksRed River Gorge (Gold Coast)United States
april 1st 20188cFish EyeOlianaSpain
april 9th 20188cAmerican HastleOlianaSpain
april 23rd 20188cMind ControlOlianaSpain

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