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Abella de la Conca

Interesting rock climbing area for routes from 6a to 6c, from 7a to 7c and starting from 8a (french grades).
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Aspect(s) : All     Altitude : 950 m
Approach between 2 and 15 min up hill.    Kids friendly ? foot of the crag reasonable for young kids.

Informations :

More than 200 routes, from 5c to 8c , spread over many crags   Bolting : sport climbing
Max Height : 60 m.
Rock : limestone.    Characteristic(s) : overhang Surplomb, steep wall Dévers, vertical Vertical.    Type(s) of holds : crimps, water erosion pockets, ribs.
Further information(s) : You can find information about news routes on the village square of Abella in front of the fountain asking Nick & Ella.
Some sectors like Esglesia, Canyon Bajo, Font de les Gotes and Panorama are great for families as they offer very little walking, a flat base, and grades from III to 8a+.
Sectors Forat dels Lladres (The Arches), Canyon Bajo, Costera and Gipsy Camp offer great summer climbing in north faces, high airy cliffs or cool pools to paddle in-between routes.
Sectors Voltor & Mur Blau and the beautiful but hard wall of Canyon Alto have plenty to keep you occupied in the winter months, their southerly direction offering perfect t-shirt climbing in December.
Some sectors are climbable all year as you’ll always find sun or shade at different times during the day like the Verdonesque sector of Congost, Panorama, Altiplano and Costera.

Locations :

Area : Spain, Cataluña (Catalunya), Provincia de Lérida (Lleida), Tremp, Isona.
Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
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  Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   42° 9' 44" N Longitude :   1° 5' 36" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
  Parking lot GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   42° 9' 38" N Longitude :   1° 5' 19" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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Abella de la Conca
Autor(s) : Nicolas Durand
Published in december 2015.
Update in december 2016.

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Catalunya : Lleida Climbs

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