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Cover of the guide book Montanhas de Itatim

Montanhas de Itatim

by C.Vieira 2022

  • Some pictures about the covered rock climbing areas :

• 6 rock climbing area(s) listed in this guide book :

Itatim (Jararaca)

Itatim (Morro da Fonte)

Itatim (Morro da Toca)

Itatim (Morro de Enxadão)

Itatim (Morro do Napoleão)

Itatim (Morro do Talhado)

• Localisation of the rock climbing areas listed in this guide book :

: Bouldering   : Deep water soloing   : Single pitch   : Multi piches   : Trad climbing or Alpine climbing   : Several rock climbing styles   : Indoor