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The viaduc des fauvettes, this magnificent structure from 1913 which, thanks to the CoSiRoc, offers Ile-de-France residents the opportunity to climb routes of more than 15m outdoors!

Le Viaduc des Fauvettes

It has a particular history for us since it is one of the first digital guide that we were able to offer you in June 2014!

So it's been five years already!


And in five years, a lot has happened!

  • We therefore rediscover with nostalgia the article of the CoSiRoc of the time:)
  • The "On n'est pas que des cobayes" team has produced a program on the viaduct in which you can see Oleg Sokolsky and Jean-Yves Derouck, 2 "pillars" of CoSiRoc, among others,
  • The installation of a "pedagogical" anchor to learn how to handle it at the top of a route,
  • The maintenance and improvement of existing routes to make them very safe and less "morpho" than before,
  • The creation of more than fifteen new routes, some of which were thought and bolted during 1 year by the openers!

In total, the viaduct offers 2600 metres of vertical routes among its more than 120 routes spread over its 11 pillars!

A new 2019 guide book, also completely revised, describes its 120 routes and everything related to the Fauvettes  (history, environment, culture, etc.). And Jean-Yves Derouck, author of the book, kindly passed on his diagrams and new informations to us so that our digital guide could benefit from it.

It is therefore a brand new digital guide and up to date that we propose to you and which takes up the graphic design of the book.

As usual, free update for those who have already purchased it and for others, you will find it on the shops of our Android or iOS applications for less than an entry in the climbing gym :)


Last changes

July 25th 2021:
icone_site  Riveufer  Flag
icone_site  Golzermühle  Flag
July 23rd 2021:
icone_photo  La Pierra Menta  Flag
icone_photo  Långholmsbron  Flag
icone_perf  Loïc Zehani sends Little Fish, 9a+ at Orgon (La Bergerie)
icone_perf  Anak Verhoeven sends La Prophétie des Grenouilles, 9a at Rocher des Brumes
icone_photo  Bled Castle  Flag
icone_site  Passo della Presolana  Flag
July 20th 2021:
icone_site  Arico Ortiz  Flag
July 19th 2021:
icone_photo  Le Grand Poirier  Flag
July 18th 2021:
icone_photo  Mervent  Flag
icone_perf  Vadim Timonov sends Spray of Light, 8c at Rocklands (de Pakhuys Plateau)
icone_photo  Le Goua  Flag
July 17th 2021:
icone_photo  Beacon Heights boulders  Flag
July 14th 2021:
icone_site  Les Gorges du Banquet  Flag

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