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     You may have noticed, our little website ClimbingAway.com is like the good wine: it gets better an better every year! Autumn and vintage just ends (2015 is planned to be outstanding by expert oenologists). The ClimbingAway software developers team ends with some great improvment as well. THE reference website to find rock climbing areas around the world (and still without ads!).

      So this year the harvest offers:



A smarter, better and stronger search !




     New world / country / states maps faster, easier to use with dynamics and real time filters!





     A new version of our translator of rock climbing terms. Now 12 languages classified under 6 categories adapted to different kind of climbers (from novices, experts, boulderers, crag climbers ...).






    Optimization of area informations on our areas detailed page. Less ambiguities, splitted informations according to climbing type (boulder, single or multi pitches routes,...) and more detailed informations.






   An amazing new feature "Rock climbing areas along your itinerary" to identify areas with few clicks to go climbing near your journeys. You go see Grandma, attend a conference, at Uncle Raymond marriage, to the music rock festival of "Les vieilles charrues", to participate at "La Tomatina" in Andalusia or visit the Great Wall of China (witch is not advisable to climb...) you will find all the areas that match you along your way to combine history with pleasure;)





     All this on a new website version, faster and more reliable that you have inevitably noticed!





     About applications now. Apple ones stay the best rock climbing app, a new app has been released on the Windows Phone store, for Bill Gates friends. And a new version of Android app will be release soon.


   Community sharing website for the first hour, ClimbingAway now present 5900 rock climbing areas richly detailed, perfectly located, with approaches tracks and 1800 areas are illustrated with pictures ... This thanks to worldwide climbers who regularly add areas, pictures and information: so once again, a big THANKS ! to these thousands of contributors!    


   Finally, our news is also our ethical digital guidebooks for smartphones / tablets which remunerate local bolters for their investment in our cliffs. Already available Céüse, Chambotte, The Todra, Doizieux, The viaduc des Fauvettes, Cormot and many others are available directly from iPhone and iPad.


    2015 is a really good year ! You'll be armed to climb hard during winter with ClimbingAway website, apps and digital guidebooks making you find the climbing areas that matches you :)

Have great climbs!