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    Already 10 years that a small group of passionate climbers-travelers develops this website and enriches it for the whole community.

10 years that the number of our users and contributors, on the website as on the free apps (for smartphones / tablets with iOS / Android), keeps growing up, mainly through word of mouth.

10 years and 6565 rock climbing areas detailed and perfectly geolocated around our small planet. Areas for every levels, every types of climbing, every trips, every tastes ... :)

10 years of ethics also on many important points for us. We still have not given in to the advertisment calls. Disable your


     So to find a little bit anyway, we have been selling digital topos for some time. Historically, these are the first ethical and dynamic digital topos in the world. They are bought and can be consulted only on our applications. These are also the only French digital topos!

     To our 60 digital guide books available (some are free, the others paying ...), it is now our Corsican friends who dare this way of diffusion complementary to their pretty well known paper guidebook. All of the North Island is now available on your iOS apps. The equivalent on Android apps will not be long.


     And to celebrate this release, the topos are half price during all the month of April !

The 7 areas of the region Balagne / Porto : € 3,99

The 11 areas of the region of Bastia : € 4,99

And the pack of the 18 areas of theses 2 regions : € 6,99 !

(Sorry for theses villains - 99 € but there's no choice ^^.)

      Looking for sea, sun and crazy rock features on a next trip? Do not hesitate! Especially because by buying ClimbingAway digital guides, you refund the local actors who manage and develop the crags AND you contribute to the fact that ClimbingAway remains without ads. It's both a climber-responsible act and a sort of mini crowdfounding for ClimbingAway.
A prestu! (means "See you!" in Corse langage).