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ClimbingAway and FFME collaborate

     A collaboration with FFME (the French federation of mountain and climbing) just born !
It aims the production of digital guidebooks for smartphones and tablets of climbing areas that are traditionally presented in the paper guidebooks stamped FFME.

      This is a win-win-win-win between the four parts concerned!
      For ClimbingAway, it is the opportunity to expand its digital guidebooks offer since FFME and its territorial committees is the largest writer of guidebooks of the country. And this allows us to stick to our ethics respectful of local actors that energize our places of practice. Finally, all the areas are controled and bolted to FFME standards.


     For FFME :

> FFME get access to digital guidebooks era and accompanies the new technology explosion.

> she can produce best digital guidebooks for smartphones ever.

> and charmed by our ethics, it ensures the remuneration of local actors of his territorial committees.


For authors / bolters of Territorial Committees (who can contact us) a digital version of their guidebooks can:

> Offer their guidebooks on a new media without any investment.
> Collect a share at least equal to guidebooks papers.
> Adapt its offer of guidebooks to different consumption behavior.
> Distribute their work more easily with new technology that ignore the constraints of places and times for the purchase of a guidebook.
> Defend against those who plunder their work by selling guidebooks without their agreement. (applications and topos are bilingual French / English).

And then we are open to any comments, ideas (sale price, Free guidebooks, updates, etc.).

     And for you, ClimbingAway.com and applications users, answers your recurrent demands for guidebooks with more and more rock climbing areas available and always the same benefits:
> Reduced prices and the possibility of buying the guidebooks to the unit.
> Free updates.
> The opportunity to purchase 24/24 and 7/7 (no shop to look ...).
> Once purchased, our guidebooks can be used anywhere with no connection.    


     In next months, you'll see new guidebooks stamped "FFME" on your iPhones/iPad. And coming soon on your Nexus, HTC, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, etc... In short, all devices with the green robot ;)

More informations about this collaboration on Kairn.