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Céüse in Digital & Ethic guidebook for smartphone

Hilltop at 2000 m close to the small town of Gap, the Céüse cliff is a must do for every climber tongue-out.

First nicknamed as "The Patrick Edlinger cliff," still called by some as "The most beautiful crag of the world" !, the famous 4 km long cliff has already make dreaming generations of climbers.

Edlinger, Lafaille, Petit, Sharma, Pringle, Puigblanque, Dufraisse, Ondra, Megos, Siegrist ... so many great names came for huge sends. The route Biographie and its "Realization" widely reported by the media help to strengthen the myth: Bolted in 89/90 by Jean-Christophe Lafaille, this route was tried without success for more than 10 years. During 2001 M. Chris Sharma made the first ascent after a 4 years battle! It was considered the first 5.15a (9a+) at the time.

Besides the legendary routes, you can also found in Céüse masterpiece routes from 6a thanks to the local dynamism of the equipment in recent years and that for the greatest happiness of all.

     With breath-taking setting and awesome routes, climbing in Céüse has to deal with elevation of the foot of the crag, the committing climbing and the great steep hour approach. All this reinforces the alpin style of the crag and the nice feeling of being on a privileged place ... even if the summer some sectors can be crowdy cool.

Thanks to the local guide book authors L.Girousse & R.Marie, we are proud to present Ceuse new ethical digital guidebook for such a crag ! Users can choose to acquire the individual sectors to get cheap price. The whole 500 routes is coming soon.

See you at Céüse then !