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Katie Lamb, 22 years old

 Woman   etats-unis
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_09 16th 1997

Performances :

> Hardest bouldering sends (font 8a/+ and +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_11 3rd 2018V11/V12 (8a/8a+)A maze of deathThe Buttermilksetats-unis
MOIS_02 19th 2018V12 (8a+)Lethal DesignRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)etats-unis
MOIS_08 24th 2018V12 (8a+)Outlaw StarSquamishcanada
MOIS_07 7th 2019V12 (8a+)Mind MattersGuanella Passetats-unis
MOIS_07 14th 2019V12 (8a+)No More Greener GrassesMount Evansetats-unis

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