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The topos of Céuse and Corsica underwent a huge facelift embedding important updates provided by the authors of the offical paper guidebooks.

And of course, those who have already purchased the topos benefit from these free updates / improvements!

Céüse: the big update!

Face Est Céuse

     The new edition of the paper guide was released in 2018 and Laurent Girousse provided us with all the updates that we reported on our digital guides. Hundreds of additional routes, adjustments / refinements of grades, new sectors (colors of autumn, Lumineuse, Butterfly) bolted by newcomers. In a nutshell, a guide almost made from scratch :)

      What is obvious in this update is also the huge work of historical research that the authors have done. Indeed, the crews behind the genesis of almost every channel (among more than 600 indexed!) are indicated. This is an important information for the authors / climbers / crew who can recompose a piece of history of the cliff. About that, the Android app has been updated (see below).

As usual, Céuse can be bought on our apps, in its "entirety" or by packs / sectors:    

  • COMPLETE guide
  • East faces
  • West faces
  • South faces (buyable by sectors : Face de Rat, Demi-Lune, Berlin, Biographie, Beau mouv')

Corsica: il totale !

     Corsica has also seen a big update, coupled with the birth of new packs. You now have access to all the sporting crags of Corsica up to date. Either a little more than 2000 routes!

The authors decided to propose the following division:

  • The FULL guide
  • The region "Grand Sud"
  • The region "Center"
  • The region of Ajaccio
  • The region of Balagne and Porto
  • The region of Bastia

      In each pack, you can buy guides unitary and again, an amazing job has been done by Thierry Souchard and Bertrand Maurin to offer a maximum of information, news (including the new area of La Lonca which has the big advantage of being climbable in summer) and bolters most of the time. In addition, a lot of additional information has appeared for guides buyers with a lot of practical information.

iOS and Android apps evolutions

     To be able to treat and displays theses informations, iOS and Android apps has been updated with some new features :

Tuto app Android 1     Tuto app Android 2

     First, a new text area appears when a guide has been purchased. It is a riched text box that allows authors to give a lot of details to buyers of their guides. It can be found in "Miscellaneous information" on iOS and "More details" on Android. Don't forget the access plan that appears in the Android menu when it is available.

     Finally, each route can be enriched with information such as comments from the authors, height, interest sometimes and bolters names (we talked about it above). Under iOS, a double tap on the route allows to have this detail. On Android, it was a long press and it was not very intuitive. So we added a little button "i" to make it more obvious.

     A big up to Max and Guigui, our 2 Android developers who take on their free time to develop the app. New features are coming soon!

     Thanks also to CamCam which is a smartphone noob and denounces everything that is not intuitive :)    


Last changes

May 23rd 2019:
icone_site  Zoia  Flag
May 22nd 2019:
icone_photo  Les Auvernes  Flag
icone_photo  Placa verde  Flag
May 10th 2019:
icone_site  Il Forte  Flag
May 9th 2019:
icone_site  La Visière  Flag
May 8th 2019:
icone_perf  Caroline Sinno sends La Valse aux Adieux, 8b at Fontainebleau (Rocher Canon)
icone_perf  Camille Coudert sends La Force, 8c/8c+ at Orsay
May 7th 2019:
icone_perf  Jonathan Siegrist sends La planta de Shiva, 9b at Villanueva del Rosario
May 5th 2019:
icone_perf  Mishka Ishi sends Byaku-dou, 8c at Mount Hourai
icone_photo  Zogno  Flag
May 3rd 2019:
icone_photo  Saint Paul de Varces  Flag
April 30th 2019:
icone_site  Milho Verde (Peter Pan)  Flag
April 23rd 2019:
icone_perf  Alex Puccio sends Héritage, 8b+ at Valle Bavona
April 22nd 2019:
icone_perf  Felipe Camargo sends El Bon Combat, 9b at La Cova de l'Ocell
icone_site  Milho Verde (Planetario)  Flag

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