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Katharina Saurwein

Katharina Saurwein, 32 years old

 Woman   autriche
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_11 11th 1987

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
MOIS_08 27th 20118a/8a+NutsaRocklands (The Pass)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_02 9th 2012V11/V12 (8a/8a+)Mo mojoHueco Tanksetats-unis
MOIS_02 16th 2012V11/12 (8a/8a+)Rumble in the JungleHueco Tanksetats-unis
MOIS_09 2nd 20118a+Black shadowRocklands (Tea Garden)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_02 23rd 2012V12 (8a+)Barefoot on Sacred GroundHueco Tanksetats-unis
MOIS_08 15th 20138a+El gauharaZillertal (Breitlahner)autriche
MOIS_02 4th 2014V12 (8a+)Lethal DesignRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)etats-unis
MOIS_03 21st 20148a+DrischieblZillertal (Magic Place)autriche
MOIS_09 13th 2014V12 (8a+)Riddles in the ParkRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)etats-unis
MOIS_10 16th 20148a+Sundance (sit)Zillertal (Ginzling Wald)autriche
MOIS_10 19th 2015V12 (8a+)Sleepy HollowGrampians (Mount Stapylton, Hollow Mountain boulders)australie
MOIS_10 21st 2015V12 (8a+)Cave bitchGrampians (Mount Stapylton, Hollow Mountain boulders)australie
MOIS_10 10th 20148a+/8bCharity BouldernSilvrettaautriche
MOIS_08 20th 20158a+/8bFragile StepsRocklands - The Pass (The Fortress)afrique-du-sud
MOIS_10 2nd 2014V13 (8b)Nuthin' But SunshineRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)etats-unis
MOIS_09 20th 2015V13 (8b)The ShiningRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)etats-unis

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