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Matty Hong

Matty Hong, 32 years old

 Man   United States
 Born on september 14th 1991

Performances :

> Hardest bouldering sends (font 8c & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
sept 5th 2012V14/15 (8b+/c)Warrior UpWolverine LandUnited States
oct 1st 2012V15 (8c)White NoiseRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
> Extrem routes sends (french 9a/+ & +)
DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
dec 9th 20189a/9a+Bone TomahawkFynn CaveUnited States
dec 20185.14d/15a (9a/9a+)Life of VillainsHurricaveUnited States
march 23rd 20169a+PapichuloOlianaSpain
feb 25th 20179a+La RamblaSiuranaSpain
march 17th 20179a+Joe MamaOlianaSpain
oct 12th 20215.15a/b (9a+/9b)Flex LuthorThe Fortress of SolitudeUnited States
may 3rd 20189bFight or FlightOlianaSpain

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