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Marine Thévenet

Marine Thévenet, 34 years old

 Woman   France
 Born on september 26th 1989

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
july 20178a/8a+A Tea with ElmarieRocklands (Kliphuis Campground)South Africa
june 30th 20188a/8a+NutsaRocklands (The Pass)South Africa
dec 27th 20188a/8a+Disney ProductionBrioneSwitzerland
july 17th 20188a+Law and OrderRocklands (Danger Zone)South Africa
sept 1st 20188a+Les Feux d'AzerothBransonSwitzerland
april 10th 20198a+La Danse des Balrogs (original)BransonSwitzerland
april 15th 20198a+Creatures of ComfortVernayazSwitzerland
april 23rd 20198a+Pura VidaMagic WoodSwitzerland
june 1st 20198a+Jack's Broken HeartMagic WoodSwitzerland
aug 20th 20198a+Le Rêve de FaireSustenpassSwitzerland
sept 26th 2019V12 (8a+)Element of SurpriseRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
feb 20208a+Kings of SonlertoValle BavonaSwitzerland
feb 20208a+Pai MeiCrescianoSwitzerland
july 6th 20208a+Scared for LifeFionnaySwitzerland
aug 10th 20208a+Dulcifer sitSan Gottardo Pass (Gotthard)Switzerland
jan 11th 20218a+I PorticiCrescianoSwitzerland
june 1st 20218a+Electric BoogieMagic WoodSwitzerland
dec 28th 20218a+Humphrey BogartBrioneSwitzerland
april 1st 20228a+White StripeBrioneSwitzerland
april 15th 20228a+Forever More sitBrioneSwitzerland
aug 2nd 2022V12 (8a+)Colorado CorridorRocklands (Eland)South Africa
aug 10th 20228a+MicroclineRocklands (Danger Zone)South Africa
sept 1st 20228a+Oral OfficeRocklands (The Pass)South Africa
march 1st 20238a+Dreamtime standCrescianoSwitzerland
july 4th 20178a+/8bFragile StepsRocklands - The Pass (The Fortress)South Africa
oct 4th 2019V13 (8b)Nuthin' But SunshineRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
june 23rd 20208bStage DiversAilefroide (blocs)France
aug 7th 20208bKingda KaSan Gottardo Pass (Gotthard)Switzerland
feb 18th 20218bPodemosCrescianoSwitzerland
aug 14th 20218bQuintessentialRocklands (8 Day Rain)South Africa
aug 16th 20218bAntidoteRocklands (The Coop)South Africa
oct 7th 20208b+New Base LineMagic WoodSwitzerland
oct 20th 20228b+Compass NorthFionnaySwitzerland

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