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Juliane Wurm

Juliane Wurm, 28 years old

 Woman   Germany
 Born on MOISCOMPLET_12 15th 1990

    Performances :

    > Hardest bouldering sends (font 8a/+ and +)
    DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
    MOIS_02 22nd 2016V11/12 (8a/8a+)Rumble in the JungleHueco TanksUnited States
    MOIS_02 13th 2014V12 (8a+)Barefoot on Sacred GroundHueco TanksUnited States
    MOIS_03 29th 20148a+Einfisch KleinfischChironicoSwitzerland
    MOIS_07 17th 20148a+Pura vidaMagic WoodSwitzerland
    MOIS_02 22nd 2016V12 (8a+)Phantom LimbHueco TanksUnited States
    MOIS_07 26th 20154th 8a+/8b's female boulderCharity BouldernSilvrettaAustria

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