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Drew Ruana

Drew Ruana, 25 years old

 Man   United States
 Born on january 1st 1999

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
oct 3rd 2019V14/15 (8b+/c)InsurgencyJoe's Valley (Left fork)United States
july 19th 2022V14/15 (8b+/c)The Ice KnifeGuanella PassUnited States
nov 9th 2019V15 (8c)SquozeBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
dec 18th 2019V15 (8c)Trieste sitRed Rocks (First Creek Canyon)United States
jan 29th 2020V15 (8c)The NestRed Rocks (First Creek Canyon)United States
feb 9th 2020V15 (8c)PegasusJoe's Valley (Left fork)United States
sept 26th 2020V15 (8c)EchaloClear Creek CanyonUnited States
oct 7th 2020V15 (8c)DicktopiaCamp DickUnited States
march 20th 2021V15 (8c)DeathstarEldoraUnited States
april 17th 2021V15 (8c)Sound of ViolenceJoe's Valley (Left fork)United States
april 22nd 2021V15 (8c)SpidyClear Creek Canyon (Nomad Cave)United States
july 1st 2021V15 (8c)VariantMount EvansUnited States
nov 13th 2021V15 (8c)The GameBoulder Canyon (Castle Rock)United States
april 16th 2022V15 (8c)Dire WolfSleeping Rock (Sheep's Nose bouldering)United States
july 11th 2022V15 (8c)Big ArmsWolverine LandUnited States
oct 7th 2022V15 (8c)The PlayerBoulder Canyon (Castle Rock)United States
feb 14th 2023V15 (8c)Everything GneissClear Creek CanyonUnited States
feb 16th 2023V15 (8c)Fox and the Hound sitClear Creek CanyonUnited States
july 20th 2020V15/16 (8c/8c+)Box TherapyRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
may 10th 2022V15/16 (8c/8c+)The Ice Knife sit startGuanella PassUnited States
jan 28th 2020V16 (8c+)SleepwalkerBlack Velvet CanyonUnited States
aug 16th 2020V16 (8c+)Creature from the Black LagoonRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
july 11th 2021V16 (8c+)InsomniacMount EvansUnited States
aug 14th 2022V16 (8c+)DistortionWolverine LandUnited States
dec 21st 2022V16 (8c+)BookkeepingClear Creek Canyon (Nomad Cave)United States
feb 15th 2023V16 (8c+)Maxwell’s Demon sitClear Creek CanyonUnited States

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