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Allison Vest

Allison Vest, 28 years old

 Woman   Canada
 Born on june 26th 1995

Performances :

DatesGradesRouteRock climbing areaCountry
march 14th 2019V12 (8a+)The SquaminatorSquamishCanada
oct 22nd 2020V12 (8a+)The MufflerLittle Cottonwood CanyonUnited States
jan 20th 2021V12 (8a+)Half MagicRed Rocks (First Creek Canyon)United States
2021V12 (8a+)Ghost of WarJoe's Valley (New Joe's)United States
aug 21st 2021V12 (8a+)Chimichunga classicHorsetooth Reservoir (The Scoop)United States
oct 21st 2021V12 (8a+)Black #1Joe's Valley (Right fork)United States
nov 15th 2021V12 (8a+)EclipseLittle Cottonwood CanyonUnited States
dec 22nd 2021V12 (8a+)Power SlaveRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)United States
march 4th 2022V12 (8a+)Diaphanous SeaHueco TanksUnited States
march 4th 2022V12 (8a+)Tequila SunriseHueco TanksUnited States
april 17th 2022V12 (8a+)Dark MatterHuntington CanyonUnited States
july 5th 2022V12 (8a+)No More Greener GrassesMount EvansUnited States
july 9th 2022V12 (8a+)Clear Blue SkiesMount EvansUnited States
july 31st 2022V12 (8a+)Element of SurpriseRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
nov 19th 2022V12/13 (8a+/8b)Cinderella is DeadOgdenUnited States
aug 31st 2019V13 (8b)TerminatorSquamishCanada
nov 2nd 2020V13 (8b)FirestormOgdenUnited States
oct 27th 2021V13 (8b)BlackoutJoe's Valley (Left fork)United States
oct 30th 2021V13 (8b)MasterpieceJoe's Valley (Left fork)United States
dec 8th 2021V13 (8b)Army of the DeadJoe's Valley (New Joe's)United States
july 22nd 2022V13 (8b)Nuthin' But SunshineRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)United States
march 30th 2023V13 (8b)Magic TouchMoe's ValleyUnited States
feb 4th 2022V14 (8b+)Show your ScarsOgdenUnited States

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