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Le Thaurac (Mur des Lamentations)

Interesting rock climbing area for routes up to 5c, from 6a to 6c and from 7a to 7c (french grades).
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Aspect(s) : SW-S     Altitude : 150 m
Approach between 5 and 10 min up hill.    Kids friendly ? foot of the crag uneven for young kids.

Informations :

More than 100 routes, from 4b to 8a.   Bolting : sport climbing
Max Height : 40 m.
Rock : limestone.    Characteristic(s) : steep wall Dévers, vertical Vertical, slab Dalle.    Type(s) of holds : side pulls, crimps, water erosion pockets, cracks.
We liked this/these route(s) : Kellydiote 6a+, Les couilles molles de la mer 6b
Further information(s) : A large number of rather short routes for all levels. The routes are spread over 2 floors. The easiest ways (well-skated initiation) are on the bottom level. The most difficult routes leave from the upper ledge with little space, not suitable for young children.

The "Mur des Lamentations" (wailing wall) overlooks, on the right side, the road that leads from Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois to Laroque, in the extension of the Great face. The sun reaches the left side of the wall at the beginning of the morning and the right part at the end of the morning.
The left side of the area is on the property of the Laurel Cave. Climbing in these places is possible thanks to the friendliness of the owners and managers of the place. Here even more than elsewhere, it is advisable to be discreet, to leave no waste. For natural needs, it is necessary to move far away from the cliff. Continuing climbing in these places is the responsibility of each practitioner. In case of reopening of the cave, the conditions of frequentation of the area are likely to be strongly modified, the information would then be brought to the knowledge of the climbers on the same places.

Locations :

Area : France, Occitanie, Hérault (34), Ganges, Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois.
Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
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  Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   43° 55' 0" N Longitude :   3° 44' 5" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
  Parking lot GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   43° 54' 59" N Longitude :   3° 44' 2" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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Le Thaurac
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