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Le Pic Saint-Loup (grandes voies)

Interesting rock climbing area for routes from 7a to 7c (french grades).
InformationMany additional skills about progressing, belaying, escaping technics ... are necessary for multipitch routes security.
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Aspect(s) : N     Altitude : 600 m
Approach 30 min up hill.    Kids friendly ? foot of the crag dangerous for young kids.

Informations :

Between 10 and 25 routes, from 5b to 6b.   Bolting : traditionnal climbing, sport climbing
Max Height : 250 m.
Rock : limestone.    Characteristic(s) : slab Dalle, vertical Vertical.    Type(s) of holds : crimps, cracks.
Further information(s) : Pic Saint Loup ... "THE Pic " as it is called local is the emblem of the hinterland Montpellier .
True summit , it requires physically with its 658 meters. Ubiquitous , we see the top on the horizon for the entire region. Its southern slope ideal for hiking Sunday and its north face , dizziness , steep , rocky , cold , lichenneuse ... in which lies a flaw : "The big diagonal" . On the summit ridge there enthroned the ruins of a castle, a chapel , an orientation and a large cross table. If you climb the Pic, you might see the opportunistic gliders playing with heat it generates . Singular but not lonely : Face Peak , the beautiful cliff of the Hortus has an inverse profile with its large vertical faces South and come in several lengths of track . The Hortus has also besides his castle ... From the East or West , the spectacle offered by the "U" formed by these two cliffs that look is unparalleled. If one day you can see "inside" a sunset or moonrise , you keep an indelible memory .
Historically, the Pic Saint Loup has its share of legends. Prehistoric , medieval and more recently , its history has been linked to héraultaise climbing. Coveted by top climbers in the area , many beautiful openings have been made in its north face . Bravery on wooden wedges , homemade pitons , sinkers and a few dramas also ...
Today Woodpeckers kept its character and remains a committed adventure playground that can not be taken lightly .
Our friends also love the cavers for its abundant underground networks.
As the late Lucien Bérardini , great figure of mountaineering and climbing local , he fell in love to the point of call " More beautiful climb of his life! " :)

Locations :

Area : France, Occitanie, Hérault (34), Montpellier, Saint-Martin-de-Londres.
Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
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  Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   43° 46' 45" N Longitude :   3° 48' 45" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
  Parking lot GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   43° 47' 16" N Longitude :   3° 48' 21" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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