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Halong Bay

Interesting rock climbing area for routes up to 5c, from 6a to 6c and from 7a to 7c (french grades).
InformationMany additional skills about progressing, belaying, escaping technics ... are necessary for multipitch routes security.
Aspect(s) : All     Altitude : 50 m
Approach on flat ground.    Kids friendly ? foot of the crag reasonable for young kids.

Informations :

Between 50 and 100 routes, from 4a to 8a , spread over many crags   Bolting : traditionnal climbing, sport climbing
Max Height : 200 m.
Rock : limestone.    Characteristic(s) : overhang Surplomb, steep wall Dévers, vertical Vertical, slab Dalle.    Type(s) of holds : crimps, tufas.
Further information(s) : La majorité des sites se trouvent sur les îlots sur lesquels on accède en bateau.

Locations :

Area : Vietnam, Tonkin (Bắc Bộ / 北圻), Quảng Ninh, Ha Long Bay / Hải Phòng, Cat Ba.
Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
: Bouldering     : Single pitch     : Multi pitches     : Deep water soloing     : Differents kind of climbing
  Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   20° 53' 34" N Longitude :   107° 7' 32" E    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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