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Lisa Rands

Lisa Rands, 49 años

 Mujer   Estados Unidos
 Nace en 1 enero 1975

 Biography :

Lisa Rands is an American rock climber born in 1975. She is known for her bouldering, competition wins, and ascents of gritstone routes. She was first introduced to climbing while studying for her geology degree. In her early climbing years she aspired to every kind of climbing from bouldering to big walls, and even aid lines. The first American to rank 1st in an international bouldering World Cup, she has won many competitions indoors and out, and also excelled in outdoor bouldering – having climbed Midnight Lightning V8 and Plain High Drifter V11 (both considered elite level boulder problems) between 2000 and 2002, and was the first woman to succeed on the problem The Mandala V12 in January 2008.
Rands has also had successes in traditional climbing, being the first woman to achieve the grade of E8, with ascents of The End of the Affair at Curbar Edge in October 2004, and Gaia at Black Rocks in April 2006, both in England's Peak District; these routes are notorious as being both extremely hard and extremely dangerous, with a fall carrying the most disastrous consequences for the climber. She also made a fast all-free ascent of Saint Exupery Spire in Patagonia and has sport climbed 5.13d/5.14a in China.
She lives in Bishop, California with her husband, Wills, who is her coach.(wikipedia)

Rendimientas :

> Historia de la dificultad en búlder
marzo 2001tercero bulder femenino en V11 (7c+/8a)Plain High DrifterThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos
29 marzo 2003tercero bulder femenino en V11/V12 (8a/8a+)ChbalankeHueco TanksEstados Unidos
30 marzo 20034o bulder femenino en V11/V12 (8a/8a+)SarahHueco TanksEstados Unidos
18 ene 2008V12 (8a+)The MandalaThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos
> Realizaciones extremas de búlder (8a/+ et +)
29 marzo 2003tercero bulder femenino en V11/V12 (8a/8a+)ChbalankeHueco TanksEstados Unidos
30 marzo 20034o bulder femenino en V11/V12 (8a/8a+)Sarah (sit)Hueco TanksEstados Unidos
14 julio 20088a/8a+NutsaRocklands (The Pass)Sudáfrica
18 ene 2008V12 (8a+)The MandalaThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos


Hospital Boulders - Estados Unidos
Z.Campbell, Z.Lesch-Huie, E.Irvin ... et une apparition de Lisa Rands en Hustle and Flow V10, Mystified V5
Présentation de 2 passages phare de ce site qui, comme beaucoup d'autres dans cette région a vu accès possible grâce à la Southeastern Climbers Coalition qui achète les terrains grâce aux dons des grimpeurs.

full screen

Incredible Hulk - Estados Unidos
Lisa Rands, Peter Croft en The Venturi Effect 5.12d
Excellente vidéo de grande voie en montagne. La cordée est composée de la bloqueuse mutante Lisa Rands et du légendaire Peter Croft. Les paysages y sont magnifiques, l'escalade incroyable et les plans vertigineux. Une très très belle vidéo :)

full screen
Targasonne (Baleine, Dieux Païens, Thémis ...) - Francia
Marc Daviet, Leire Aguirre, Mauro Calibani, Lisa Rands, Chris Sharma, Daniel Dulac, Dave Graham, François Lombard, Jacky Godoffe, Dani Andrada, Pedro Pons, Anthony Lamiche en de nombreux blocs dont Zdabaow 8a+; In the shadow 7c+
Très bonne ambiance et grosse motiv' lors du Targasonnic Freeclimb en 2004 au coeur du fameux chaos de bloc.
The Buttermilks - Estados Unidos
Lisa Rands en Mandala V12 (8a+ bloc)
Conditions polaires pour la réalisation de ce bloc "High ball" de légende.

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