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Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson, 35 años

 Mujer   Estados Unidos
 Nace en 3 abril 1989

 Foto(s) :

  • 1The Buttermilks The mandala v1282.jpg
  • 2Red Rocks (Oak Creek Canyon) Tilt Shift V9.png
  • 3Red Rocks (Gateway canyon) The Abstraction v8.jpg
  • 4zRed Rocks Escape From Moria v9.jpg
  • 5Eldorado Canyon Resonated V9.JPG
  • 6Red Rocks (Windy Canyon) Hungry Hungry Hippos V1213.jpg
  • 7Red Rocks (Kraft Boulders) Fear of a Black Hat V9.jpg
  • 8Red Rocks (Kraft Boulders) Plumber's Crack V5.9.jpg
  • 9Red Rocks (Gateway canyon) Seek and Destroy v10.jpg
  • 10Red Rocks (Kraft Boulders) Big Love V45.jpg
  • 11The Buttermilks The Swarm V1314a.jpg
  • 12Red Rocks (Kraft Boulders) The Angel Dyno V68.jpg
  • 13The Buttermilks Luminance v10.png
  • 14Brione Molunk v9.png
  • 15Poudre Canyon One Ton Ho V9.JPG

 Biography :

Alex "AJ" Johnson is a Professional Climber for The North Face. She began climbing in 1997 and has been a prominent force in the climbing community for the last decade. She has been climbing professionally for six years.

Growing up in the competition scene, Alex has consistently been a member of the US Team since 2001, winning her her first Youth Climbing National Championship at age twelve (2002), Adult National Championship at age thirteen (2003), and won a silver medal at the Youth World Championships in Scotland at age fourteen (2004).

In 2008 Alex made history by becoming the first American to win a Bouldering World Cup on US soil. In 2010 she did it again, winning gold in Switzerland, becoming only the second American woman to win a Bouldering World Cup overseas.

Since then she's shifted her focus away from competitions and honed in on outdoor projects, building an impressive tick-list filled with dozens of iconic first female ascents including V12s like Clear Blue Skies in Colorado, The Mandala in Bishop, and Book of Nightmares and Lethal Design in Red Rocks. Alex has also spent time getting off the deck climbing highballs like Diesel Power (V10) in Yosemite, Golden Showers (V10), The Ninth (V6), and flashing the infamously dangerous Luminance (V10) in Bishop, California.

Along with being an ambitious climber, Alex is also an active member of the community, teaching clinics around the country and giving presentations at gyms, Universities, sales meetings, and other events. Alex studied to be an English major at Minnesota State University where she ran track and field, and she loves recounting her experiences on her blog.

Recently Alex relocated to Las Vegas, NV, an area with tons of climbing, and potential for new development, where she hopes to help contribute to the establishment of even more world class climbing.
(from www.alexjohnsonclimbing.com)

Rendimientas :

16 ene 2009V11/V12 (8a/8a+)The MysteryThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos
20 marzo 2009V11/V12 (8a/8a+)A Maze of DeathThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos
5 abril 2012V11/V12 (8a/8a+)The Book of NightmaresRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)Estados Unidos
25 ago 2008V12 (8a+)Clear Blue SkiesMount EvansEstados Unidos
8 feb 2010V12 (8a+)Diaphanous SeaHueco TanksEstados Unidos
28 ene 2011V12 (8a+)The MandalaThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos
26 marzo 2011V12 (8a+)Tequila SunriseHueco TanksEstados Unidos
1 feb 2012V12 (8a+)Lethal DesignRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)Estados Unidos
4 feb 2012V11/12 (8a+)Stand and DeliverRed Rocks (Juniper Canyon)Estados Unidos
18 feb 2012V12 (8a+)Barefoot on Sacred GroundHueco TanksEstados Unidos
16 ene 2015V12 (8a+)Hungry Hungry HipposRed Rocks (Windy Canyon)Estados Unidos
21 marzo 2022V12 (8a+)Full MontyHueco TanksEstados Unidos
3 julio 2022V12 (8a+)No More Greener GrassesMount EvansEstados Unidos
15 julio 2022V12 (8a+)European Human BeingRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)Estados Unidos
28 julio 2022V12 (8a+)Element of SurpriseRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)Estados Unidos
19 nov 2022V12/13 (8a+/8b)Cinderella is DeadOgdenEstados Unidos
7 dic 2021V13 (8b)VantablackRed Rocks (Gateway canyon)Estados Unidos
26 julio 2022V13 (8b)Nuthin' But SunshineRMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park)Estados Unidos
27 oct 2022V13 (8b)BlackoutJoe's Valley (Left fork)Estados Unidos
3 abril 2021V13/14 (8b/8b+)The SwarmThe ButtermilksEstados Unidos


Peak district (Burbage valley) - Reino Unido
Anna Stöhr, Alex Johnson, David Lama, Céderic Lachat, Magnus Midtboe, Jakob Schubert en Deliverance 7b+, Brad Pitt 7c+, Not To Be Taken Away 6c, The Green Traverse 7a, The Master Edge E7 6c, Messiah E7 6c, The Sphinx 7a+, Rowley Birkin QC E6 6c, Parthian Shot E9 6c, Samson E6 7a, The Buckstone Dyno 7b
Pendant que le légendaire grimpeur local Johnny Dawes nous parle de son Peak District, la team de la marque au pachyderme s'en donne à coeur joie sur les passages magnifiques et engagés à Burbage, Stanage, Millstone Edge et Higgar Tor. De superbes images!

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