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Thomasina Pidgeon

Thomasina Pidgeon, 49 años

 Mujer   Canadá
 Nace en 1 enero 1975

 Biography :

Darlene Thomasina Pidgeon (born 1975) is a rock climber known for being one of the world's strongest female boulderers, the strongest female Canadian boulderer, and the first Canadian female to climb the grades of V10, V11, and V12. She is often featured in Gripped Magazine and contributes to The Collective (a multi-climber website). She has also been featured in several international magazines and websites and her image has been used in advertising, magazine galleries, and magazine covers.
Thomasina is also a mother (her daughter Cedar travels around with her), a doula, sews and sells clothing, shopping bags, and other crafts, and works as a photographer. She is one of 5 athletes to be featured in The Season 2, a 22 episode web TV show running this fall.(wikipedia)

Rendimientas :

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25 ene 2010V12 (8a+)Barefoot on Sacred GroundHueco TanksEstados Unidos
14 junio 20108a+Summoning (sit)SquamishCanadá
22 sep 20108a+Sur le toitSquamishCanadá
17 marzo 2011V12 (8a+)The AquariumThe Sad BouldersEstados Unidos

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