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Les Gorges du Verdon (L'Escalès) - francia
Sébastien Bouin, Jibé Tribout en L'Ange en Décomposition 7a max 100 m ; Les Enragés ED-/A2 260 m ; Les Spécialistes 8b+ ; Les Braves Gens Ne Courent Pas Les Rues 8b+ ; Take It Or Leave It 8a max 100 m ; Pichenibule 7b+ max 300 m ; Tom Et Je Ris 8b+ 60 m
In the 2nd episode of Seb Bouin's Vintage Rock Tour we travel to Seb's backyard of Verdon. Home to some of the hardest rock climbing in France as well seeing a huge role in the development of sport climbing in France, Verdon is a place not only steeped in beauty but swathed in history as well. Stories of fierce rivalries and dodge tactics are rife, and the climbing is not so bad either. Featuring the legend that is Jibé Tribout, plus a whole bunch of other legendary routes, this is an episode we rckon you might enjoy...a lot.