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Robyn Erbesfield

Robyn Erbesfield, 60 ans

 Femme   United States
 Née le 8 mai 1963

 Biographie :

Robyn was born in Georgia and began climbing with her high school boyfriend. She quickly became known for winning comps in the southeast. In 1988 she moved to Boulder where she began more vigorous training. Starting in 1989 Robyn began an amazing winning streak: winning the World Cup in Leeds and finishing in the top three in every event thereafter and placing first in every event she entered in 1992. She won the World Cup Title from 1992 to 1995, an unprecedented feat. In addition to rocking on plastic, she was kicking some butt on real rock too. She onsighted her first 5.13b in 1992. One year later she became the first woman to onsight 5.13c. Not long after her onsight she worked for 3 days and took the title for second woman to climb 5.14: redpointing Silence 5.14a at Troubat. Robyn wrote her book "Sport Climbing with Robyn Erbesfield" in 1996 and began her tour of workshops and clinics with her husband Didier Raboutou, which they continue to give by request. Robyn gave birth to a boy in 1998 and has since been climbing as hard as she ever has.

Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, née Robyn Erbesfield en 1967, est une grimpeuse américaine. Elle a deux enfants, avec Didier Raboutou, qui font de l'escalade à haut niveau, Brooke et Shawn.

Performances :

> Historique de la difficulté en voies après travail
DatesCotationsVoiesSites d'escaladePays
19933ème 8b+ fémininAttention on vous regardeSaint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Roc d'Anglars)France
19934ème 8b+ fémininSilence VerticalTroubatFrance
> Historique de la difficulté en voies à vue
DatesCotationsVoiesSites d'escaladePays
19922nd 8a à vue fémininRamponeauSaint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Le Capucin)France
19931er 8a/8a+ à vue fémininOverdoseLourmarinFrance

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