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Interesting rock climbing area for routes from 6a to 6c, from 7a to 7c and starting from 8a (french grades).
InformationMany additional skills about progressing, belaying, escaping technics ... are necessary for multipitch routes security.
Best time(s) :
  • January
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Aspect(s) : S-SE-E     Altitude : 350 m
Approach easy up hill.    Kids friendly ? foot of the crag reasonable for young kids.

Informations :

More than 1000 routes, from 5.2 to 5.13a , spread over many crags   Bolting : traditionnal climbing, sport climbing
Max Height : 60 m.
Rock : quartzite, quartz.    Characteristic(s) : vertical Vertical, overhang Surplomb, dihedral Dièdre.    Type(s) of holds : cracks.
Legendary route(s) : 
  • 5.11d's 1st female 5.11d's (7a) by Lynn Hill on 1977.
  • Kansas city 5.12b 2nd 5.12b (7b) in the world by John Bragg on 1972.
  • Yellow Crack Variation 5.12c 2nd female 5.12c (7b+) by Lynn Hill on 1984.
  • Super crack 5.12c 2nd 5.12c (7b+) in the world by Steve Wunsch on 1974. 4th 5.12c (7b+) in the world sent by Ron Kauk on 1977.
  • Organic Iron 5.12d 2nd female 5.12d (7c) by Lynn Hill on 1984.
  • Vandals 5.13a 1st female 5.13a (7c+) by Lynn Hill on 1984.
  • Artificial intelligence 5.13a 2nd female 5.13a (7c+) by Lynn Hill on 1985.
  • Running man 5.13d 3rd female 5.13d (8b) by Lynn Hill on 1989
  • Further information(s) : Peu d'équipement en place. Les voies se font souvent en moulinette. Lieu des premiers 7a féminin Lynn Hill dans les années 70.
    Approach isn't bad trails are well constructed and surrounded by a carriage road.

    Locations :

    Area : etats-unis, State of New York, Ulster County, Albany, New Paltz.
    Information  1. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places 200 km around.
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      Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :   Latitude :   41° 43' 24" N Longitude :   74° 12' 25" W    Sexagesimal & Orientation
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